We Are All Stardust Inside



Loud Sisters is sooooooo excited to announce our fundraising partnership with The Humanity Project! Based in Florida, The Humanity Project is a tax-exempt nonprofit that teaches children and parents to respect the unconditional equal value of every human being. Using arts-based programs to inspire deep understanding, The Humanity Project brings together young people to help their peers solve tough problems such as bullying, teen driver safety, and teenage social isolation, with special attention to LGBTQ issues. In creating this original, custom-design, Loud Sisters is adding our voice to the message of respect for all, the importance of diversity, and the need for self-worth that is the foundation of every Humanity Project program. All profits generated by the sale of these t-shirts – lots of additional styles available! – will be donated directly to The Humanity Project. *** To learn more about the Loud Sisters fundraising model and how it might help your organization, please visit the Fundraising page!

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